Honduras Outreach 2022!

I am so happy to announce that we will be returning to Honduras for our next outreach, March 11th - 19th, 2022! We are still in the planning stages so the dates could be adjusted a bit. I am so excited about a return to Honduras to minister to (and be ministered to by) the precious people of that great nation. We will of course be ministering in churches, some even in new areas we haven't been to yet. We will be traveling to the small village of Concordia to minister to the precious children (who some of you sponsor), and their families. New divine ventures await us as we return to Honduras!

We have been working with Pastor Manfredy Zelaya and some very precious folks in Honduras since 2007. God has established a substantial, powerful ministry to Honduras. We feel very blessed to be a part of it! More details will be coming soon. I ask that you pray for our upcoming outreach to Honduras. Thanks so much!

Steve Hutto

Welcome To Harvest Missions!

Welcome to Harvest Missions website! We were formerly Harvest Celebration Ministries. Since Connie and I came to Alabama early last year we sought God as to whether or not we should transfer Harvest Celebration Ministries, Inc. from Georgia to the State of Alabama. After much prayer and research, we determined it would be much simpler to register a new nonprofit corporation in the State of Alabama. It has taken a few months, but most of the foundational work has been done. We are officially Harvest Missions (again formerly Harvest Celebration Ministries), and will carry on the same ministry. We also feel that Harvest Missions is more reflective of the vision and purpose of our ministry.
Please pray for HARVEST MISSIONS as we transition to the next level of ministry God has prepared for us. All donations are tax deductible and of course, secure through PayPal. Just click the "Donate" button to the left. Thanks so much!

Steve Hutto


SPONSOR A CHILD FOR JUST $25 PER MONTH. You can impact the life of a needy child from Honduras for just $25 a month. Each sponsorship provides school clothes, school supplies, shoes, a monthly food care package, and a special gift at Christmas. 

For over 14 years we've been involved in ministry to the children of Concordia, a small village about 3 hours from  Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras. Concordia is not completely isolated, but it is a pour small village in which are many needy families. Most adults who work have to travel either to the city or larger communities. Unfortunately, there are many who cannot find work. When a child is sponsored, it helps the entire family tremendously.

In addition, Harvest Missions has been able to offer sponsorships to some of the children from Tegucigalpa. These also come from extremely needy families as well.
A very special outreach takes place on several Saturdays of the year to the children of Concordia. A hot meal is provided along with fun activities to interact with the children. In addition, Bible classes are held to teach the children about Jesus. Also during these outreaches all of our sponsored children receive the blessings described above through faithful and generous sponsors.

Lives of each child along with their entire families are being changed through child sponsorships with Harvest Missions! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, click on the photos of the children directly below, or send an e-mail to harvestmissions@mail.com.

Our contact in the nation of Honduras is Pastor Manfredy Zelaya from Tegucigalpa. We have been blessed to work with Pastor Manfredy since  2006. Pastor Manfredy is a very good friend of mine. God has allowed us to minister in the great nation of Honduras, but also in the great nations of India and the Dominican Republic as well.
Thank you so much for your consideration of sponsoring a child from Honduras through Harvest Missions!

Steve Hutto

























The Key To The Great Commission Is Just One Word...

The key word to the Great Commission is one word..."GO!" Jesus said, "
Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." (Mark 16:15) Go is the opposite of "stay". Go means to go out the door to your neighbor, or go abroad to other nations. But the key is to go! This settles any doubt as to whether a person must go or not. He said "Go!", and that is pretty clear.

The key word "Go" also covers another very important area. Finances! It doesn't matter whether or not you have the finances (at the beginning of your commitment). When God lays it on your heart to go on a missions trip you continue to pray, and you start making plans to go, by faith. You begin making whatever preparations you can (at that current time) to prepare to go. I've heard so many well-meaning folks say, "I would love to go on a missions trip, but I just don't have the money." Always remember, money doesn't determine God's will for missions, He does. He established the rule over 2000 years ago when He said, "Go into all the world!" God is responsible for providing the finances for a missions trip when we commit to going. I've seen Him miraculously supply over and over through the years.

Once you've committed to going on a missions trip, and you're praying and preparing, then you look for ways to help to raise money to finance your trip. But again, never let finances (or lack thereof) be the reason you can't or don't commit to going on a missions trip. Embrace His command to "Go!" and He will open incredible opportunities to take the Gospel of Jesus to anywhere He wants you to go! Jesus faithfully stands behind His commandment for you and me to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel." Your part, and my part is to obey and GO!
You can contact Harvest Missions at harvestmissions@mail.com.

The Dominican Republic Was Awesome!

We thank God for the opportunity to join a team from Pursuit Church of Meridian, Mississippi, for an outreach to the Dominican Republic (June 9th - 16th). We saw God move in powerful ways. We saw Him continue to build on the incredible vision God has given Pursuit for the DR. We saw the opportunity to build on relationships, and establish new ones. The team represented three nations: The Dominican Republic, Honduras, and the United States. I thank God for what was established, continued, and birthed during this last missions trip to the Dominican Republic. We thank Missionary Megan Mowdy, Pastor Ana and husband Joaquine, as well as the wonderful folks of the DR who made our stay a very, very blessed one. May God bless, and continue to unfold His vision and its establishment in the Dominican Republic. A very special thanks to our supporters who share our vision, and helped to make this outreach a reality! Here are some photos of the trip. Of course, more will be coming.


To The Dominican Republic We Go!

I am happy to announce that I will be joining Pastor Jimmy Williams and a team from Pursuit Church, Meridian, Mississippi (June 9th - 16th) on a missions outreach to the Dominican Republic! We teamed up with Pursuit Church in 2019, which for us was our first opportunity to reach into the DR. God moved mightily as we yielded our hearts and ourselves to the Holy Spirit. Please pray that God would prepare the way for the team this year, and prepare our hearts to minister to the precious folks in the DR. We are grateful to Pastor Jimmy and Pursuit Church for this opportunity! Again, please pray for our team as we pray, plan, and prepare for this outreach!
If you would like to invest financially into this outreach, simply click on the "DONATE" button on the left sidebar (Or below). You can also donate via the QR code, also on the left side-bar. I have posted a short video of our last trip to the Dominican Republic. (Below)

Again, we are excited to join Pastor Jimmy Williams, and the team from Pursuit Church in Meridian, Ms on this outreach to the Dominican Republic. We are expecting great things from our great God!
If you live in the Meridian, Mississippi area, visit Pursuit Church, a vibrant, growing church! Thanks!
Steve Hutto

Help Us Help The People Of Honduras

The corona virus pandemic has affected practically every nation on the planet. Here in the U.S. we've implemented major procedures to stop its spread. This has caused major changes in the way we do things. The term "lock-down" has taken on a new meaning. 

What perhaps many Americans don't realize is how hard it has been in other countries. In Honduras, for instance, the lock-down means not getting to leave your house but only once every two weeks. There are armed police and guards patrolling the streets, not to prevent riots, but to ensure everyone stays in. Many people have lost their jobs and their businesses due to this tight lock-down. There is no unemployment insurance available. There are no food stamp programs in effect. There are no food banks or services to help people who need food and the basic supplies. 

As many of you know, Harvest Celebration Ministries has been reaching out to Honduras since 2006. God has opened incredible doors to us to many of the people of Honduras. In cooperation with Pastor Manfredy, the gospel has been preached, many children are now sponsored, and several churches have been reached. 

Since the beginning of our own lock-down in our country, Harvest Celebration Ministries has been putting out the call to help the people of Honduras with basic food and supplies. Thank you to those of you who have helped thus far with financial support. You have truly made an impact on these precious people! 

Please understand that this need continues as long as the lock-down continues (and somewhat beyond). So I am asking you to prayerfully consider making a financial donation to help provide food and basic supplies to some precious people in Honduras. 

All donations are made through PayPal and are secure. If you would like to make a donation click on the "DONATE" button in the top left. 

Again, thank you so much for your prayerful consideration. God bless you abundantly! 

Steve Hutto