A Vision Was Born!

Connie and I first met Pastor Manfredy Zelaya in a fast-food chicken restaurant in Athens, GA. It was in the Summer of 2006. Pastor Manfredy had been visiting some churches and friends in the States. Having visited Guatemala 3 times from 2000 to 2003, God had begun to develop in me a love for Central America. Our prearranged meeting was a blast, and the chicken was good too! We sat in the restaurant for over two hours talking about what Jesus had been doing in Pastor Manfredy's country of Honduras. It was because of this initial meeting that I began making plans to visit Pastor Manfredy in Honduras. I made my very first trip (of many) to Honduras in February of 2007. As a matter of fact, I went twice in 2007!

While I was in Honduras, we visited a small village approximately 3 hours from the city. It was during this initial visit to the village, and ministry to some precious, needy children that the vision to offer sponsorships was born in my heart and Pastor Manfredy's heart!

We started out simply making computer printed posters, with each child's photo, name, and some basic information about the child on each poster. We would put the posters on a table in the back of the sanctuary of our church. Then we started e-mailing folks offering them the opportunity to sponsor a child. I also talked it up with many folks person to person. We eventually began putting the sponsorship information on our church website. And then somewhere along about 2008 social media was introduced!

When we left that church in early 2010, the missions ministry went with us. We felt our calling was to missions alone, from that point forward, and to particular locations in Honduras and India. We work with particular Pastors such as Pastor Manfredy in Honduras, and Pastor Sam in India. Through these pastors I have come to know a host of pastors and folks in several nations.

Today Harvest Missions is kind of a culmination of years of ministry to the nations. We are a non-profit, 501c(3) organization established to take the gospel to those nations God has called us to embrace. Check out the video below showcasing some of what is provided for those children by faithful, loving believers here in the States. Each sponsorship provides several blessings for the child, but I want to showcase the following particularly!


Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child through Harvest Missions! You won't regret it. Thanks so much!

Steve Hutto,

Harvest Missions